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Student-led initiative targets integration in Edinburgh


26th October


One Edinburgh, a student-led initiative focused on integrating university students with the City of Edinburgh, announced a partnership with Scottish Business Network on Monday, as it pushes for increased involvement of international students in local enterprises.

Edinburgh is considered one of Scotland’s most multicultural cities, but in some cases, the statistics mask the lack of integration amongst student communities. While there has been an increase in diversity in Edinburgh, the communities remain separated. In 2019, over a third of BAME participants surveyed agreed with the statement “I have experienced discrimination in Scotland in the last two years”*, a stark reminder that more needs to be done to remove barriers to cultural integration.

The Initiative, which is supported by the Lord Provost, has already brought together diverse student communities in an effort to develop mutual understanding through cultural exchange and collaboration. Via the Council of One Edinburgh, leaders and representatives of these communities have come together to discuss breaking down barriers to integration, including cultural differences, issues in communications, and language barriers. Supported by experienced professionals, in the coming months, One Edinburgh will be examining why international perspective and global awareness should be incorporated into leadership.

Now, the Initiative has teamed up with Scottish Business Network to provide local businesses with insights from some of the most accomplished international students in the City. Max Browning, an undergraduate at the University of Edinburgh and founder of the One Edinburgh Initiative says “talented students from across the globe study in Edinburgh and are ready to share insights into the social, cultural, political, and economic situations in their home countries… these will be immensely helpful for any business looking to work internationally”. One Edinburgh hopes that with this partnership, students will be able to contribute to the wider City and be aware of opportunities to work in Edinburgh both before and after graduating.



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